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ProQ Frontier Elite BBQ Smoker and Grill 3 in 1

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  • The Frontier Elite from ProQ is the best selling smoker in our range, offering the perfect combination of capacity and versatility. This nifty piece of kit can hot smoke, roast, grill and cold smoke (with a ProQ Cold Smoke Generator), and will easily cater for up to 12 people. You can grill, roast or smoke food. It has thick walls for robustness and insulation, long lasting stainless steel grills, making it easy to clean. All the fittings (side handles, clips, nuts and bolts) are also stainless steel, making the smoker more resistant to rust. The side handles are PVC coated for a cooler touch, and the probe eyelets (fitted on each stacker) are made from silicon to protect your probe wires from damage, they fit a wide range of probe sizes. A fish/ meat hanger and temperature gauge are included. 50lbs cooking capacity (cook up to 4 whole chickens at a time). The smoker's modular design makes it easy to increase capacity by adding an extra stacker. Use just the lid and base as a portable "kettle" BBQ, great for the beach. Folding side handles make it easy to store, or carry. 3 air vents in the base, allow for excellent temperature control. Assembled dimensions 102cm x 43cm.

    You might be asking ‘How can I produce great quality hot smoked food easily?’ The ProQ Frontier is the answer, with unbelievably simple operation and tons of recipes and guides available for free (and being added to all the time) there really is no product like it.

    • Smoke, BBQ, grill, roast
    • Robust hangers included for fish and meat
    • Fully porcelain coated
    • 30 lbs/13.6kg capacity
    • Internal temperature gauge
    • Latch locking system and folding side handles for the stackers for stability and travel
    • 4 Air vents for excellent temperature control
    • Large capacity porcelain coated water pan for indirect heat cooking
    • Access doors for topping up water and adding wood chips without disassembling
    • Gromlet temperature probe eyelets on each stacker for monitoring meat temperatures, a must when smoking/roasting for long periods of time
    • 2 stainless steel grates for cooking
    • The unit stands at 102cm, and is 43cm across

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    Creating succulent, mouth-watering hot smoked dishes with minimal effort is a cinch with the Frontier. It uses a water pan to displace the heat from the coals and slow down the cooking process, taking the temperature down to 10°C/230°F and ensuring the meat stays moist, and once set up, allows you free time to relax while it gets on with the cooking.

    The Frontier has a steel body, coated with a glossy ceramic finish for weather resistance and heat retention. The ProQ Frontier comes with a detachable base that holds the charcoal basket (and a grill for grilling), two stackers, each with 14.5cm2 of grill space, and the domed lid with a heat proof handle and pre fitted fish/meat hanger with hooks provided, all held up by a sturdy trio of legs with a low centre of gravity for stability.

    The domed lid has a fish and meat hanger fitted as standard and - if you remove the stacker grill racks - you have ample space to vertically smoke whole fish or other joints of meat. The 102cm height and 43cm diameter over two chrome plated grill racks provides 50lbs of cooking space. The ProQ Frontier’s capacity can be tailored to your needs by purchasing an additional stackeror step up grill to increase capacity, or by removing one or more of the existing stackers, and having a portable kettle BBQ for the beach.

    Another huge plus to the ProQ Frontier is that it comes almost fully assembled, with the only fitting required being the legs, and it’s only a few nuts and bolts to screw together and explicit instructions are included.

    Cover sold separately.