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  • The BBQ Warehouse 4 burner gas barbecue wagon is easy to use. The gas barbecue cart is compact and handy and can be used within a very short time. The gas grill is black and has a black painted hood. The grill surface is heated by 4 stainless steel burners, which ensures a good heat distribution. The burners can be individually controlled via infinitely adjustable control buttons. Each burner power is 11,000 btu. The gas cylinder can also be accommodated on the mobile undercarriage, which is quickly connected with the included controller and hose. Two side shelves, provide space for grilled food and other accessories. The grill is equipped with easy light burners, which makes it easier to ignite the burners. . Data Material: Stainless steel Type: gas grill Number of burners: 4 Functions: mobile Power: 11.000 BTU Color: red / black: hood, side shelf, lid thermometer, hose. includes gas regulator

    Size: 130x57.5x108.5cm

    Cast iron Grid